Non-Pathogenic Environment

Stalosan F can be used both for retaining optimal sanitary condition and for treatment of existing problems. Regular application of Stalosan F stabilizes the microflora and chemical balance of the bedding and therefore creates a healthy and non-pathogenic animal environment.

Reduces Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi & Parasites

Stalosan F has a unique composition of active ingredients and natural mineral acids with a low pH value of 3.5 that ensures a significant reduction in bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites.

Documented Effect

Stalosan F is tested effective in lab tests and farm trials worldwide. It has received a registration through the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an antimicrobial/disinfectant.

More Than A Dry Disinfectant

In high yield animal productions the risk of infection and disease is high because of biological and chemical imbalances in the animal environment.

Stalosan F is a product that offers a broad-spectrum effect against pathogenic microorganisms and neutralization of harmful chemical waste products.

The product has been sold in Denmark for more than 50 years, and is currently sold and registered in more than 65 countries. It can be used for all domestic animals including cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, horses, poultry, furred animals, dogs and cats.

Clients & Testimonials

How It Works

Stalosan F contains highly reactive natural components that inhibits pathogenic metabolism. It also binds to the surface of bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites and fly larvae and terminate their life cycle. It does not act as a normal liquid disinfectant and therefore remains active for several days, even in the presence of organic material like manure and bedding. It neutralizes ammonia and sulphides, and inhibits the ammonia catalyzing enzyme urease. Stalosan F also contains particles that penetrate the surface of parasites, larvae, insects and worms leading to leaking of cell fluids and subsequently death.

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